Welcome to Through the Line in 2023.... a little web development company,
which has been around since 1998
and does things differently...

Differently ?

Sure... if you need a web site, quickly and cost effectively, that's what we do.

But what's so different about that ?

We believe in rapid development and deployment. By using the tools and resources that are already there, we get your web site up and running in rapid time and therefore at the minimum cost.

Ah, yes.... the cost...


Minimum cost ?

Yep... and you can either pay for the whole thing on the day your web site goes live, or you can make your first monthly payment on that day and then pay a small amount each month for the rest of the agreed period, depending on how much time and how many resources were consumed in the development of your web site.

Really... does this work...?


Been there, done that...

Just a few of the web sites built in recent times, our way...


Even if you are not going to use us to develop your website, please do let us implement a
daily backup
of it (especially if it is an e-commerce site, blog or you manage the content), to ensure in the event of a disaster, error, hacking or coffee spilt on the developers keyboard, you can still get your web site back online in just a few clicks of a mouse's tail...

Peace of mind, for about the cost of one extra large double-mocha-choca-latte-chino once a month.

or you can even click here to set it up yourself today - you cannot do it soon enough !

P.S. Do you really want to leave your valuable web site data in the hands of your hosting company ? Do they really care about it ENOUGH ?


Protect your web site from ATTACK...

Chances are, every day, 365 days a year, your web site is being tested by hackers to see if they can break in. They are looking for ways to access your site so they can use it for dubious means and unethical operations... on your time and money ! But for very little money, you can add an extra layer of security to your web site to stop these attacks without changing or affecting your existing web site in any way. It works on any Unix hosted web site, including Wordpress, Joomla, and sites using your own PHP code etc. A free trial version is available. I can help you install it, if you need help.

Visit Ninja Firewall

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No hard-sell. No lengthy contracts. No commitment until your web site goes live.

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